JAL’s Solution to Managing Manpower at Warehouse…

Inventory and Manpower management are the pillars of successfully managing a warehouse.
In our last blog, we spoke about pratices followed by JAL to maintain inventory. Our Current blog focuses on strategies to be followed to manage manpower at warehouse effectively.

While everyone knows how to manage manpower, implementing the strategies consistently is where JAL’s expertise lies. JAL has painstakingly developed strategies which make sure that well-suited manpower is hired and more importantly a culture of discipline is consistently maintained in them for daily warehouse operations.

Jal Manpower IssuesHiring Practices Hiring Practices
–     Hiring Criteria:  JAL has developed a set of criteria which is used extensively for hiring. Instead of being dependent only on nearby local peole, JAL employs only those who ‘fit the bill’ and have the Right Atitude & Aptitude towards work.
–     Background Check: In addition to this, JAL makes sure that a Senior manager checks the background of the person being considered for hiring.

Creating Backup of each Critical person
–     We encourage & train the warehouse team members to perform multi-task activies like Floor management, Inventory hygiene, Billing in system, MIS work, Transportation, etc.  This keeps them motivated & helps JAL in creating backup members for every critical tasks.

Scorecards and Meetings
–     Tracking the work, initiative and progress of each employee is done by their reporting manager. This tracking is reflected in a scorecard which is maintained.
–     Weekly and quarterly meetings are conducted so that the managers are able to resolve issues promptly. Wherever required immediate action is taken.
–      Surprise checks is also done by the Senior management/“Control team” operating from C&FA’s head office.

Flat and effective organisation system
–     Having a Flat Organisation structure ensures that there is ease of communication and decisions are taken in lesser time
–     Flat organisation structure also differentiates JAL from other 3PL companies which have multiple hierarchies, wherein various approvals are required at every level which delays decision making at the ground warehouse operations.

Rewards and recognition
–     To high performers ensures that they are appreciated. This maintains healthy competition and a drive to perform. Additionally rewards also ensure team building.

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