E-way Bill Requirements under the GST Law

After the implementation of GST from July 2017, the industry was all ears about the E-way bill to be soon passed by the government to streamline the supply and delivery of the goods.

While it is still unclear as to when the bill is coming into effect, as on 30th August 2017 the government has approved the e-way bill requirements under the bill. Here is a brief about what can we expect –

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E-way Bill Requirements GST Law
How can Jal Supply Chain Solutions support you in seamless implementation of this process?

JAL offers you GST Automation
We come with a robust software dedicated for all the GST related requirements & compliances. This GST software can be integrate with our Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and manage both – all the Inventory management inside the warehouse as well as all dispatch documents, generation & uploading of the E-way bill on the common portal automatically.

JAL has strategic alliance with Sthir Advisors LLP, founded by Mr. Amitabh Khemka, to provide sustainable and pertinent Warehousing and Transportation related GST consulting services to our clients. Amitabh has more than 20 years of experience and has worked in large consulting firms and multinational corporate.  He recently, on behalf of a trade association, represented before the H’ble Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely, on the matters of GST.  He was also a member of Working Group on GST, a sub-group of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers.


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