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JAL’s Solution to Managing Manpower at Warehouse…

Inventory and Manpower management are the pillars of successfully managing a warehouse. While everyone knows strategies used to manage manpower, consistently implementing the same is where JAL’s expertise lies. JAL has developed strategies which makes sure that well-suited manpower is hired and more importantly a culture of discipline is maintained consistently for daily warehouse operations.
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7 Operational Issues Faced by Clients with a 3PL Service Provider

When it comes to C&FA services in Warehousing & Transportation, clients in India face some critical operational issues with their 3PL service provider, which if fulfilled can develop a long-term sustainable and successful business relationship. Here is the list of 7 critical issues that your logistics partner should be focus on delivering! JAL has identified these concerns and takes utmost attention to address them, provide customised solutions and consistently deliver the same.
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E-way Bill Requirements under the GST Law

After the implementation of GST from July 2017, the industry was all ears about the E-way bill to be soon passed by the government to streamline the supply and delivery of the goods. JAL has long term collaborations with GST experts who provide GST consultancy services to well known corporates & also support in smooth implementation from all aspects & also have software for smooth implementation of E-way bills.
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Key Factors to Consider Now While Selecting a 3PL Service Provider

With implementation of GST from July 2017, companies now face a major challenge of timely delivery of goods across a wider geography along with best warehousing practices that can support company’s growth. The industry is now required to start evaluating the suitability of their current C&FA service provider for Warehousing & Transportation services so as to ensure that they are prepared for the future. Here are some key factors to be considered while selecting a 3PL Service Provider.
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Are your warehousing strategies GST ready?

Most of the industry players will adopt the strategy of consolidation followed by expansion. Consolidation would result in decline in warehouse operating cost. Most warehousing occupiers are expected to take decisions purely on the basis of reach to market, quality and size requirements. While restructuring the warehouse, companies can opt for various warehousing models….
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